Our Success Stories


“I was at a facility in Chicago before and it was remodeled and very nice. And when I saw Kenwoodview I thought, oh I am not going to like this, this is not modern. I got into the building and you could just feel the warmth. It was a different feeling than in Chicago, it was more of a caring. And I liked the way all the staff talked to you and said hello to you, they don’t do that much in bigger places. I think I enjoy that more than anything. 

I am much more independent here. If I don’t want to eat supper, I just have my grandson bring me my food, if I want to go down to Braums and get an ice cream or a vanilla coke I can do that, or if I want to go to CVS I can do that. I get to go watch my grandchildren play soccer right down the street. You just have so much more freedom here and they treat you like you’re a human being. Like you can achieve these things if you want to. I like how they try to help you decide and not push it on you.

My rehab is going very well I think. I have gotten more rehab here than I ever did in Chicago. I have come further, I am doing more, I am strengthening my legs and my arms. And If I need something they get it ordered for me like a brace or different things. They help me achieve my goals and my therapists are wonderful. They come by and ask me how I am. I really like therapy and I am not a therapy person so this really surprises me.

I certainly would recommend Kenwoodview. I don’t think I had that mind set when I came here but after I got here, I would highly recommend this facility. If I was looking for a healthcare facility, I would look at the staff, the smell, the cleanliness, and if they make you feel welcome walking in the door the first time. I think first impressions are the best and Kenwoodview has done all of this for me.”

Connie Drotts - Current Resident at Kenwoodview Health and Rehabilitation Center 4/12/2018


George And Sherrill

"I met some wonderful people that I never would have met and I hate  to leave but I have to go home. We had wonderful care and great rehab  while here."

-Sherrill V.


"I enjoyed myself, no problems whatsoever."

-George V.


Never Stop Trying

Here at Kenwoodivew we take pride in our patients road to recovery. Thank you Bennett Auto and Genisis rehabilitation  for making our dreams come true. Just because you can't drive doesn't mean you cant enjoy a Corvette. Here at Kenwoodview you dreams become reality.

Kenwoodview Cares

Regina H.

Regina H. came to Kenwoodview Health and Rehabilitation Center on  3/5/18 from Select Specialty Hospital in Wichita, KS due to AKI,  endocarditis, encephalopathy, and acute respiratory failure. At the time  of admission she was unable to care for herself,  unable to transfer in and out of the chair, unable to use the restroom,  and unable to shower. Regina used a wheelchair for mobility. She spent  114 days at Kenwoodview working with nursing, dialysis, and therapy  services. At the end of her stay on 6/26/18,  Regina discharged back to home with home health services. Since then  she says, “I can get in and out of the chair, on and off the toilet, and  in and out of the shower. I am doing things I wasn’t able to do before  and I am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in  over a year!” Regina shared some about her experience at Kenwoodview  Health and Rehabilitation Center, she said, “The staff is really  friendly, they go above and beyond to take care of the residents and I  miss them! I was a complete mess when I got there and  at the end I was able to walk out!” Regina is happy to be at home with  her dogs, but she misses her Kenwoodview family and looks forward to  visiting us. We look forward to seeing her too!

Regina H.-7/10/18

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Grandpa Used to Drive

                    Performed by our very own Ashley Wheeler, a dedicated nurse at Kenwoodview.

Celebrating success

 Zeda has met all of her therapy goals and will be heading back home today!! We are sad to see her go, but so very happy for her success!


Fun Fact Tidbit:  Zeda use to be a former employee with us!  Once you’re family with Kenwoodview you’re always family!


Believe in the impossible


We’re sad to see you leave, but all your hard work has paid off!! Don has been at Kenwoodview for 2 months- he’s excelled in his own personal therapy goals!! His family says that he’s now doing things that he hasn’t been able to do in YEARS!!  The Kenwoodview Family is so happy for you.

Don!  Congrats!